Your Glamour – Sonnet No.3

The shiny white expanse of the night sky;

or the glittering garments of a rainbow;

none can compare with the sun’s radiance;

save, my dear, your face’s glow.


Parchments will, one day, be gone;

these writings gone, the present past;

yet your presence will prevail in my life;

wherever I am, in this world vast.


Several years ahead, when I’ll look back;

and marvel upon the time spent with you;

I will be as I am today;

always, my dear, there for you.


For you have given me peace and pleasure;

and kept my  heart light as a feather.


Song for a Friend

Splashes soft, gentle and low;

sounding on the pool of love, they echo.

Moon peeks out when all lights hide;

what love found, by your side.

In the moonlight, I saw your face;

shadowed under the night sky,  a star;

glowing bright, giving rays of admiration;

what beauty you have been bestowed.

when lightning clapped in clouds;

tender drops, slowly fell, blushed by your beauty;

beam of love went through the wet clouds;

as they heard your soft and gentle voice.

Flying Through the sky;

Angels Passing us by;

wonders unknown to the eye;

in great love, we fly.