Spurious Ecstacy

All the beauty of the world, yours in a small room; But can you, a player of the sky, compare them…… with what being free has to offer….? Oh to fly, be free…. not to worry about them….. Enjoying the breeze brush past, as you glide along; sailing on the waves of winds… Oh to…

Your Name – Bright Forever

Words may be simple;
they may be easy to read;
But Understand the power that lies behind their veil. You Can rise top great heights but you don’t choose to……. WHY?

Remembrance of Dawn

In my eyes, a dream was drawn; as the moon got filtered by; & black clouds shielded the sun in the sky; came to me, the remembrance of dawn. The remembrance of all things, wonderful; the beauty of all things, colourful; it was your face that was drawn; the memory of a friend, remarkable. Those…

Talk to Nature

First, the moon gets filtered by; Then black clouds take over the sky. Never will forget that, I; What beauty prevails in thy. Like the lightning clap in clouds; That shadow when upon the moon bowed. You announcing it out loud; What beauty you have been bestowed The cover of those lovely flowers; That made…