Hi There

Hello there readers,

I was just speculating and I wondered: why not share my reason for writing and sharing with you? To start with, we all have questions and we hate them unanswered. I think I’ll tell you a bit about myself today.

I am Hafiz Mohammad Yasir, writer and poet. For years, I have dreamt of being so and for years, I have been trying to connect with the world. and I don’t keep my poems private. I like the world to enjoy them. therefore this post and not some itchy bitchy, shush, hush sort of diary.

My speciality is nature. I love it! with its sweet scents, mellifluous marvels and …. oh it’s wonderful! and do you know what, I’d love for the world to know me. I am just another soul looking for happiness.

That is all for now, see ya soon


Show Your Feelings

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