Be happy 😊

Life maybe unfair;
Unpredictable, hard, trying…

Yet the world doesn’t end here;
You may have lost a few, yet I remain…
Yes the choice is not easy…

But happiness can be found;
During the darkest hour too;
You just need;
Be happy, joyous, laugh and enjoy…

The world will seem a better place… And I am ever yours…



Like tiny eyes,

on my window, watching me, knowing it,

raindrops, circles, colours,

the world is colourful but not mine. And the sadness,

I have felt, few have,

few can,

few will

For i remain ever sorry that I lost you and ever melancholy.

Can we ever, regain, the same times we had, the same memories we shared…….

and the same love we had.

An apology, a clean breast, and always helping,

is not that enough???

I am sorry and I love you.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam

Just another fleeting soul;

wandered away last night;

nobody believing it, nobody accepting it;

yet death is a bitter truth;

everyone has to taste it;.

Though he has gone high into the sky;

to entertain the stars and the moon;

his memory will forever prevail on this land;

The Earth of Sorrow and Death.

The Most Memorable Day of My Life

The most memorable day of my life;

Was when my blood pressure went high.

I lost my way in the puzzling streets;

And stood there wondering about my bad deeds.

No one can tell the panic I felt;

As all body parts started to melt.

I stood there puzzled and alone;

I didn’t even have a mobile phone.

I peddled & peddled, with my heart thumping;

I peddled to find something relieving and helping.

I started to get angry on myself;
for trying unknown streets without any help.

After an hour, I heard a motor’s roar;

To my relief, I’d found a main road.

It was a real adventure for me;

To get lost in my huge city.

The Truth

We were strangers when we met three years ago;

we were friends when we parted after a week.

We were friends when we met again;

I was influenced by my friend’s voice a few days after.

My friend told me I was the best writer;

I did not believe my friend was speaking with deepest feelings

I was doodling when I wrote four lines and gave it to my friend;

and forgot that those lines existed a few days after.

I understood how much they liked my art;

when I saw a paper in my friend’s hands.

Unfolding it, I saw the same four lines;

which I had doodled a few weeks ago.

Those lines developed only to three stanzas;

and I dedicated it to my friend only.

Parchments and art may one day be gone;

but I am happy that I have a friend who will always stand by my side.

Transient Memory

Two pretty butterflies, fluttering in the rain

one little happy memory of drifting together.

Enjoying the sonorous splashes with each other

Then fluttering away, alone, again.