As a Fairy…

Sleepy like a child;
eyes like a baby.
Dreamt and sweetly smiled;
then awake ‘s a fairy.

Harboring the star;
graceful as a lady.
Her dreams fly so, so far;
yet happy ‘s a fairy.

Brightened these stars;
She, Heavenly El Fairy.
Dims Venus and Mars;
when shines ‘s a fairy.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Half Light


A Father, a daughter, the ocean, the sunset…

Photo Challenge – Half-Light

just a passing Thought

A lone figure, sitting by my side;
And I, flowing softly,
With sonorous splashes, he the waiting one, I, the waited one.
A bench by a river, serving anyone, everyone, unbiased;
If only life could be thought so, fair, and just…

How great the world would be? How wonderful???
Ohh, what a dream.

Hi There

Hello there readers,

I was just speculating and I wondered: why not share my reason for writing and sharing with you? To start with, we all have questions and we hate them unanswered. I think I’ll tell you a bit about myself today.

I am Hafiz Mohammad Yasir, writer and poet. For years, I have dreamt of being so and for years, I have been trying to connect with the world. and I don’t keep my poems private. I like the world to enjoy them. therefore this post and not some itchy bitchy, shush, hush sort of diary.

My speciality is nature. I love it! with its sweet scents, mellifluous marvels and …. oh it’s wonderful! and do you know what, I’d love for the world to know me. I am just another soul looking for happiness.

That is all for now, see ya soon

The Tale of a boy and a feline

There was once a boy named Charlie Ben;
who kept a cat named Mandie-Men.
The cat was softy and furry;
and mewy and merry.

One day, Ben went camping;
and left Men lonely lamenting.
When he came back, was he surprised;
there was no Men in sight.

(He had disappeared under the mat;
to make little Ben feel bad).
The boy didn’t find the cat;
and started feeling really, really bad.

Finally, he lost all his hope;
started crying, he really did mope.
And Men heard him crying out;
(Ben had, in sorrow, made a pout).

The cat saw this, the cat saw stars;
in fact, he mentally launched himself to Mars.
But then, the boy didn’t stop the tears;
he actually cried more than his peers.

So Men started feeling bad;
and came out from under the mat.
He mewed, the boy heard, he jumped;
looked around, saw him & jumped again.

Jumped near him in joy;
and played with him like a toy.
(More & more, Ben loved the feline;
so he slept near his waistline).

Then they went to the bed and lied down;
yet, their spirits were, by no means, down.
So they had a short nap after a supper;
and lived happily ever after.

Spurious Ecstacy

All the beauty of the world,
yours in a small room;
But can you, a player of the sky,
compare them……
with what being free has to offer….?

Oh to fly, be free….

not to worry about them…..

Enjoying the breeze brush past,
as you glide along;
sailing on the waves of winds…

Oh to fly, be free….

not to worry about them…..