As a Fairy…

Sleepy like a child;
eyes like a baby.
Dreamt and sweetly smiled;
then awake ‘s a fairy.

Harboring the star;
graceful as a lady.
Her dreams fly so, so far;
yet happy ‘s a fairy.

Brightened these stars;
She, Heavenly El Fairy.
Dims Venus and Mars;
when shines ‘s a fairy.


just a passing Thought

A lone figure, sitting by my side;
And I, flowing softly,
With sonorous splashes, he the waiting one, I, the waited one.
A bench by a river, serving anyone, everyone, unbiased;
If only life could be thought so, fair, and just…

How great the world would be? How wonderful???
Ohh, what a dream.

Your Name – Bright Forever

Words may be simple;
they may be easy to read;
But Understand the power that lies behind their veil. You Can rise top great heights but you don’t choose to……. WHY?

On this plain today;
on that one tomorrow;
resurrect goodness here today;
move on there tomorrow.

For old trees may wither;

But your name is bright forever.

Appreciate what all a tree gives;
people throw stones, he forgives;
fruits fall down, and are taken;
the tree, then happily lives.

For old trees may wither;

But your name is bright forever.

Go ahead for you can do it;
change the world, as we know it;
mankind simply sees evils;
you go strive against it.

For old trees may wither;

But your name is bright forever.

Float above this sky;
people will pass you by;
turn away an army by your name;
The world will, in peace fly.

For old trees may wither;

But your name is bright forever.

My Dream – A Better World

A Dream of mine I see flickering;

Of pretty flowers, of delighted buds;

Of trees happily growing, of waters fast flowing;

Maybe I shall find, humans are kind.

Those beautiful bees sitting on flowers;

Drinking nectar of love and affection.

Those clouds blooming with unity;

Those rains made by happy humanity.

My dream – in it, I see bees on flowers;

Flying to their united hives;

Making honey dripping with affection;

Whose drinking saves many lives.

My dream – in it, I see blooming clouds;

Blooming with unity and oneness;

Combining all the light and dark;

Harnessing the build of a better world.

My dream – in it, I see rains falling down;

With every drop made by humanity;

Every drop representing true happiness;

Every sonorous splash meaning –

The world’s one united song.

A song containing a new oneness;

A song containing eternal peace;

A song containing happy humanity;

A song containing Unity in Diversity.