Be happy ๐Ÿ˜Š

Life maybe unfair;
Unpredictable, hard, trying…

Yet the world doesn’t end here;
You may have lost a few, yet I remain…
Yes the choice is not easy…

But happiness can be found;
During the darkest hour too;
You just need;
Be happy, joyous, laugh and enjoy…

The world will seem a better place… And I am ever yours…


Spurious Ecstacy

All the beauty of the world,
yours in a small room;
But can you, a player of the sky,
compare them……
with what being free has to offer….?

Oh to fly, be free….

not to worry about them…..

Enjoying the breeze brush past,
as you glide along;
sailing on the waves of winds…

Oh to fly, be free….

not to worry about them…..

Talk to Nature

First, the moon gets filtered by;
Then black clouds take over the sky.
Never will forget that, I;
What beauty prevails in thy.

Like the lightning clap in clouds;
That shadow when upon the moon bowed.
You announcing it out loud;
What beauty you have been bestowed

The cover of those lovely flowers;
That made this garden a glower;
Those beautiful valleys and mounts;
Such beauties in you, I can count.

No doubt as to who made you;
And those droplets of tender dew.
Allah is the one, the Almighty;
He is the Lord, your creator, the Mighty.

Your Glamour – Sonnet No.3

The shiny white expanse of the night sky;

or the glittering garments of a rainbow;

none can compare with the sun’s radiance;

save, my dear, your face’s glow.


Parchments will, one day, be gone;

these writings gone, the present past;

yet your presence will prevail in my life;

wherever I am, in this world vast.


Several years ahead, when I’ll look back;

and marvel upon the time spent with you;

I will be as I am today;

always, my dear, there for you.


For you have given me peace and pleasure;

and kept myย  heart light as a feather.

Song for a Friend

Splashes soft, gentle and low;

sounding on the pool of love, they echo.

Moon peeks out when all lights hide;

what love found, by your side.

In the moonlight, I saw your face;

shadowed under the night sky,ย  a star;

glowing bright, giving rays of admiration;

what beauty you have been bestowed.

when lightning clapped in clouds;

tender drops, slowly fell, blushed by your beauty;

beam of love went through the wet clouds;

as they heard your soft and gentle voice.

Flying Through the sky;

Angels Passing us by;

wonders unknown to the eye;

in great love, we fly.

My Dream – A Better World

A Dream of mine I see flickering;

Of pretty flowers, of delighted buds;

Of trees happily growing, of waters fast flowing;

Maybe I shall find, humans are kind.

Those beautiful bees sitting on flowers;

Drinking nectar of love and affection.

Those clouds blooming with unity;

Those rains made by happy humanity.

My dream โ€“ in it, I see bees on flowers;

Flying to their united hives;

Making honey dripping with affection;

Whose drinking saves many lives.

My dream โ€“ in it, I see blooming clouds;

Blooming with unity and oneness;

Combining all the light and dark;

Harnessing the build of a better world.

My dream โ€“ in it, I see rains falling down;

With every drop made by humanity;

Every drop representing true happiness;

Every sonorous splash meaning โ€“

The worldโ€™s one united song.

A song containing a new oneness;

A song containing eternal peace;

A song containing happy humanity;

A song containing Unity in Diversity.