just a passing Thought

A lone figure, sitting by my side; And I, flowing softly, With sonorous splashes, he the waiting one, I, the waited one. A bench by a river, serving anyone, everyone, unbiased; If only life could be thought so, fair, and just… How great the world would be? How wonderful??? Ohh, what a dream.


Like tiny eyes, on my window, watching me, knowing it, raindrops, circles, colours, the world is colourful but not mine. And the sadness, I have felt, few have, few can, few will For i remain ever sorry that I lost you and ever melancholy. Can we ever, regain, the same times we had, the same…

First Feelings – Sonnet No. 4

When unto thy lands of sweet and sorrow; when unto thy creations of day & ‘morrow; aimless, yet for something, I wander; I find solace for everything in your wonder. For my heart may cry, my eyes share; waves of regrets, and fountains of tear; and if your heart may signify, a close distance; that…

Spurious Ecstacy

All the beauty of the world, yours in a small room; But can you, a player of the sky, compare them…… with what being free has to offer….? Oh to fly, be free…. not to worry about them….. Enjoying the breeze brush past, as you glide along; sailing on the waves of winds… Oh to…

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam

Just another fleeting soul; wandered away last night; nobody believing it, nobody accepting it; yet death is a bitter truth; everyone has to taste it;. Though he has gone high into the sky; to entertain the stars and the moon; his memory will forever prevail on this land; The Earth of Sorrow and Death.